Importance of Software Maintenance to Your Business

Jul 24, 2023

Companies that neglect to maintain their software can face several difficulties that can seriously affect business.

For example:

  1. Increased time and cost to fix bugs. When software is not maintained, bugs can occur more frequently. Fixing them can take more time and resources. This can lead to business delays and loss of customers.
  2. Lack of support for new features and technologies. Software maintenance involves updating and modifying software to allow companies to utilize new technologies and features to improve their operations. Without it, companies can remain behind their competitors.
  3. Poor software security and reliability. When software is not maintained, it can lead to security vulnerabilities, which can lead to data breaches or other serious problems. In addition, faulty software can lead to crashes and data loss, seriously affecting a company's business.

Statistics also confirm the importance of software maintenance for businesses. For example, a Gartner study found that more than 50% of a company's IT infrastructure costs are related to software maintenance and support.

In addition, a Forrester study found that every dollar spent on software maintenance can save up to $4 in bug fixes and performance improvements.

This article aims to explain the value of software maintenance and the benefits a company receives from it.

What is software maintenance?

Software maintenance is a set of measures to maintain the software's stable operation and meet users' needs. It includes:

  • Error correction
  • Software updates and modifications
  • Technical support of users
  • Monitoring and analysis of software operation

Each type of software maintenance is necessary depending on the company's and its users' specific needs.

Software maintenance aims to ensure the software's stable and efficient operation, meet users' needs, and increase the company's competitiveness.

Error correction

This is a type of software maintenance that includes the correction of errors detected in the software operation. Errors may occur due to incorrect program operation, incorrect data input by the user, or other reasons. Error correction is necessary to ensure the stable operation of the software and avoid loss of data and customers.

Software update and modification

This type of software maintenance includes adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving software performance and security. Software upgrades and modifications are necessary to enable a company to utilize new technologies and features that can improve its performance and competitiveness.

Technical support of users

This type of software maintenance involves helping users work with the software. Technical support may include answering user questions, assisting with software installation and configuration, and resolving problems related to program operation.

Monitoring and analyzing software performance

This type of software maintenance involves monitoring software operation and analyzing its performance. Monitoring and analysis are necessary to identify problems in software performance and take corrective action. In addition, monitoring and analysis can help a company to optimize the software and improve its performance.

5 benefits of software maintenance with practical company examples

In today's world, businesses must operate with new technologies and use modern software. However, for successful operation, software needs constant maintenance and updates.

Unmaintained software can lead to serious problems such as breaches of legislation, data leakage, loss of customer confidence, and company profitability.

To avoid these risks, you should contact professional IT companies that provide quality software maintenance services. They will help update and customize security systems and ensure the smooth operation of the entire software complex.

Here we have collected 5 advantages of software maintenance for any business.

Increased efficiency of the company's work

It is achieved because software maintenance allows you to respond quickly to emerging problems and eliminate them, increasing the company's productivity.

OLX is a great example. This company utilizes a software monitoring and maintenance system from a contracting company. Thanks to this system, the company can quickly detect and fix problems in the operation of its services, which allows it to maintain the high availability and quality of its services for users.

Saving the company time and money

It is achieved because software maintenance can identify and resolve bugs early in the development process, reducing the cost of fixing them in the future.

For example, Microsoft reduced the time and cost of fixing bugs with AppDynamics' software monitoring and maintenance system. The system allowed the company to quickly detect and fix problems with its services early in the development process, saving time and money on bug fixes later.

Increased software security and reliability

It is achieved because software maintenance enables regular security updates and protects data from external threats.

For example, Uber improved the security and reliability of its platform with Bugcrowd's software monitoring and maintenance system. The system allowed the company to quickly detect and remediate vulnerabilities in its security system, as well as engage the white-hat hacker community to find new vulnerabilities. This allowed the company to regularly update its security system and protect user data from external threats.

Supporting new features and technologies or updating and modernizing software

It is achieved because software maintenance allows you to quickly adapt to changes in IT technology and provide new features to your users.

As an example, let's go back to Microsoft again. This company regularly updates and modernizes its products to stay one step ahead in IT technology. One example is the Windows 10 operating system, which receives regular updates with new features and security improvements. This allows the company to retain its users and attract new ones by providing them with up-to-date and reliable software.

Improved product quality

It is achieved because software maintenance allows us to identify and fix bugs and improve the interface and functionality of the product.

Apple is an example of a company that regularly updates its products to improve their quality and functionality. The iOS operating system receives regular updates with bug fixes, interface improvements, and the addition of new features. For example, iOS 16 added new features, such as a comprehensive overhaul of the lock screen, which added support for widgets, various customization features, and more customization options for wallpapers. This approach also allows the company to retain its users and attract new ones.

Risks for business in the absence of software maintenance

We highlight the 3 most impactful risks:

  1. Vulnerability to cyber attacks and viruses
  2. Customer churn due to product non-compliance with market requirements
  3. Loss of revenue due to product failure or unavailability

One example of a company neglecting software maintenance is the case of Equifax.

In 2017, the company failed to update its software, which resulted in the leak of personal data of over 143 million customers. This leak was one of the largest in history, resulting in serious consequences for the company. The company received numerous lawsuits and fines and lost customer trust and reputation in the market.

The data leak could have been prevented if the company had maintained its software and regularly updated its security systems.

Does your business need software maintenance services?

To determine whether your business needs software maintenance services, consider the following factors:

  • Software performance. Assess the performance of your software. Are there any recurring issues or slowdowns that affect user experience? If the software is frequently crashing, experiencing errors, or becoming slow, it may be a sign that maintenance is required.
  • User feedback. Collect feedback from your users or customers regarding their experience with the software. Are there any common complaints or feature requests? User feedback can provide valuable insights into areas that may require maintenance or improvement.
  • Security considerations. Evaluate the security of your software. Are you regularly updating it with the latest security patches and protecting against potential vulnerabilities? If your software stores sensitive data or is exposed to potential threats, maintenance services are crucial to ensure its security.
  • Compatibility issues. Determine if your software is compatible with the latest operating systems, browsers, or other third-party components that it relies on. If users are encountering compatibility issues or if your software lacks support for newer technologies, maintenance services can address these challenges.
  • Business needs. Consider how your business has evolved since the software was initially developed. Have your requirements changed? Do you need new features or functionalities to support your business growth? Maintenance services can help align your software with your current business needs.
  • Scalability. If your business is expanding or your user base is growing, you may need to ensure that your software can handle increased traffic and data volumes. Maintenance services can optimize performance and scalability to accommodate your business growth.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of maintaining your software versus developing new software from scratch. If your existing software serves your business needs well and only requires regular maintenance to keep it up-to-date, it may be more cost-effective to invest in maintenance rather than building a new system.

What to pay attention to when choosing a software maintenance contractor:

  • Experience in working with the tech stack used in your company's software
  • Availability of technical capability to provide the required infrastructure
  • SLA agreement
  • Response time of the team of specialists
  • Availability of infrastructure for software technical support in 24/7/365 mode

Consulting with software development professionals or IT experts can also provide valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your specific situation.

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