MERN Development: Why Are MaybeWorks Developers A Great Way To Augment Your Team?

May 12, 2023

MERN is an effective technological stack for web application development. It is easy to use for those who already have experience with ReactJS. Knowledge of React at MaybeWorks has long been a mandatory criterion for any frontend specialist. The library is also part of our training program for new employees.

Our team of MERN stack developers has good skills in frontend technologies. All of them excellently know Node.js and databases. This allows us to augment your team more efficiently and quickly on projects of varying levels of complexity.

In this article, we want to explain MERN stack development and when augmenting your team with MERN developers is better.

Features of the MERN stack development

MaybeWorks provides dedicated developers for each client so that they are fully involved in only one project and deal with it alone. If the application is small and does not require a whole team to be involved, we can augment it with MERN stack developers. Such a specialist will create an efficient and fast interface and can configure the server for the application independently.

MERN is an abbreviation of the following technologies:

  • MongoDB
  • Express.JS
  • React.JS
  • Node.JS

MongoDB is used as the database, Node.js and Express.js for the server side, and React.js for the client side. All these technologies have in common that they are based on the JavaScript language, which simplifies the development process. Now let`s discuss more about each MERN stack component.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database that uses documents and collections instead of rows and tables, as in standard databases. The basic unit of data in documents is a key-value pair. We highlight the following strengths of MongoDB:

  • MongoDB uses JavaScript, which is the biggest advantage of the MERN stack.
  • Flexible document schemas. The MongoDB document model makes it easy to model and manipulate almost any data structure.
  • Speed. The database easily indexes documents, giving the server a faster response.
  • Data access without code. MongoDB stores and presents data in a document format. This means developers can access it using native data structures for any language. For example, associative arrays in JavaScript.
  • The data is stored as JSON. The JSON syntax is straightforward and supported by almost any browser. Additionally, it's easy to exchange data of all sizes and types: video, audio, etc.

MongoDB is a powerful and flexible database management system that can be a good choice for applications that need to handle large amounts of data and traffic while maintaining high performance and flexibility.


ExpressJS is a framework based on the NodeJS platform. Its advantages greatly simplify and shorten the internal code. Express plays an essential role in the MERN stack, as it is used to configure routing and create an API server for interaction between the client and server side of the application. ExpressJS has several advantages:

  • Allows developers to create a NodeJS web application quickly and easily.
  • It is simple and easy to configure.
  • It allows developers to define application routes based on HTTP and URL methods.
  • Helps detect middleware processing errors.
  • Handles static files and application services easily.
  • Allows you to create a server with a REST API.
  • Quick connection to databases.

ExpressJS can be used to develop RESTful APIs, web applications, real-time web applications, single-page applications (SPAs), microservices, etc.


React is the most popular JavaScript library. With React, developers can create a fast and stable user interface. More React advantages:

  • Easy to learn and use. Thanks to its extensive community, React has good documentation and many tutorials, courses, and resources.
  • High performance. Features like Virtual DOM, JSX, and components make it much faster than other frameworks.
  • Reusable components. Each component has its own logic and handles its own rendering. Therefore, it can be reused wherever you need it. Code reuse helps simplify application development and support.

ReactJS can be used to develop single-page applications (SPAs), e-commerce websites, social media applications, real-time data applications, etc.


NodeJS is a runtime environment that allows you to run JavaScript code on the server. As a result, front-end developers can create easily integrated applications. Unlike other popular server-side technologies, NodeJS:

  • Is based on JavaScript, allowing a single programming language to be used on the entire MERN stack project.
  • Offers high performance for real-time applications.
  • Scalability. From a development perspective, NodeJS permits developers to use microservices, allowing you to divide your application into smaller parts.
  • Fast code execution due to caching.

If the application has no complicated business logic but requires a good knowledge of the frontend, it is worth considering augmenting your development team with a MERN stack developer. For example, if you are planning a cross-platform application where the interface must be designed for both the web and the mobile versions. Also, the MERN stack is ideal for an interactive forum, calendar, and any application with a dynamic web interface.

With whom to augment your development team: MERN developer or narrow specialist?

MERN programmer is a full-stack developer who can configure the server and set up the layout of the client part of the website or application. It is a specialist who knows both front- and backend technologies at the same time.

A full-stack MERN developer has a wide range of knowledge, but for the development of complex software, a narrow specialist will have more competence. Therefore, a business owner should augment its development team with separate frontend and backend developers. But this is not always beneficial. If a company cannot provide full-time work for a narrow programmer, it will incur losses due to downtime.

In many cases, augmenting MERN stack developers will be more profitable than hiring individual developers. For example, a web application involves a simple backend but requires specialized knowledge of frontend development. Suppose you augment your development team with narrow specialists. In that case, the backend developer will complete his part of the work much faster and will be actively involved later in the integration phase of the server and client parts of the application.

To avoid code production imbalance, it is better to augment your team with MERN developers, who can prepare the server part and write components for the frontend themself.

MaybeWorks expertise in MERN stack development

One of the last projects where our MERN developers were involved was an integrated platform that allows small and medium retail businesses to manage the entire operation flow. It includes catalog management, inventory management, e-commerce order fulfillment, and bookkeeping.

Our MERN stack developers were involved in implementing new features and adding business logic and functionalities to the web app. They:

  • Implemented TRANSACTION DETAILS screen
  • Implemented Order Snapshot and YTD Chart Card Component
  • Implemented RECENT ORDERS section
  • Implemented Payment Methods (Stripe, Google Pay, PayPal)

At MaybeWorks, we quickly and effortlessly provided our client with the required MERN experts for integrated platform development. This allowed our client to reduce time on looking for suitable developers and implement his project faster. Feel free to contact us right now to save time searching for needed developers!



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