NodeJS Application development: why is it so popular?

Sep 14, 2022

MaybeWorks is an IT staff augmentation provider, using Node.js as a primary development tool for over 5 years. Having started our way 10+ years ago, we have focused on NodeJS as a web app development tool. Our area of expertise is defined by web development, and we work with upscale techs to build powerful apps that allow enormous flexibility, stability, and long-term support. In this article, we are going to share our Node.js expertise with you and show why NodeJS development is worth your attention.

What is Node JS?

Node JS is an open-source JavaScript server environment for creating fast, productive, and easily scalable applications. Advantages of developing web applications with it:

  • Node JS is open source and has many ready-made libraries.
  • Node JS allows backend development in the JavaScript programming language, which was initially created for frontend.
  • Node JS turns JavaScript client-side scripting into a general-purpose server language and extends its capabilities in creating applications.
  • Node JS communicates with external libraries and acts as a web server when JavaScript commands are executed.
  • Node JS converts JavaScript functions into machine code, allowing you to use the same language for both the client and server parts.

It is great for fast and scalable web applications. With it, your project's server and client side (interface) will be created in JavaScript. It's perfect if your website or app will constantly be processing large amounts of data online. News feeds, chat rooms, collaboration apps, push notifications, and other projects will work faster and more stable with Node.js because of the peculiarities of the application architecture.

NodeJS application performance and scalability

Resource-intensive applications on Node.js show high speed. The performance is ensured by using a V8 engine. The vital feature - Node.js operates on a non-blocking input-output model and processes requests asynchronously. One thread serves hundreds of thousands of requests simultaneously rather than sequentially.

Instead of waiting for the database to respond to one request, Node.js skips to the next, dramatically reducing your command execution time. As responses come in, Node.js generates a monitored event queue, ensuring that the application continues to run smoothly and rapidly as millions of users come online. This approach allows you to:

  • Intelligently allocate server resources
  • Achieve maximum performance
  • Scale the application

This is one of the main reasons application development on Node JS is chosen for creating projects requiring active and rich user interaction. We mean chatbots, online games, video conferencing, online stores, and other interactive platforms operating in real-time.

The non-blocking input-output model is an advantage in most cases. Still, it imposes a single limitation: Node JS can handle a gigantic volume of lightweight queries better than a small number of heavy computational activities involving considerable server resources. But with a competent approach, this problem can be solved: resource-intensive operations are transferred to other system components not created in the Node JS environment.

By the way, the code for Node JS is in the public domain, creating a unique environment for communication between programmers worldwide. Everyone can contribute, share modules, and find solutions to problems contributing to the product's development. This global approach immediately eliminates bugs, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies that could impact application performance.

Node JS development in world practice

NodeJS was launched in 2009 by American programmer Ryan Dahl and was recognized as one of the most significant achievements in modern web development almost immediately after its creation. For more than 10 years, the NodeJS environment has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, it has grown in popularity. It has deservedly become the choice of world giants such as Google, Netflix, eBay, PayPal, Walmart, Uber, Mozilla, Shutterstock, Yahoo, Linkedin, and many others.

Node JS application development services are in demand in almost all business niches. The technology has outstanding potential, which is why the world's largest corporations support it. Use cases of Node JS implementation by global corporations:

  • Netflix. The world-famous streaming video platform has improved its load time by 70% by implementing Node JS.
  • eBay. Node JS ensured the stability of a colossal stream of real-time e-commerce transactions.
  • Uber. Node JS enabled the company to manage 5.5 million rides per day in real-time.
  • GoDaddy. Node JS uses only 10% of the company's original hardware capacity, and the number of servers has been reduced by a factor of 10.
  • LinkedIn. After implementing Node JS, the application of a large-scale business-oriented resource became 20 times faster, significantly reducing the server load.

Node JS is also used to develop REST API (application programming interface that conforms to the constraints of REST architectural style and allows for interaction with RESTful web services). It can contain all the application logic to implement its functional components and store data in the database.

6 reasons to develop a web application on the Node JS

The Node JS ecosystem works with the NPM package manager, which contains more than a million libraries - and this number is growing by tens of thousands daily. The vast selection of off-the-shelf library tools gives the developer advanced capabilities in creating applications.

As for the technical advantages of Node JS, they have a clear application value for the customer:

  1. Node JS allows you to create applications faster than on other platforms. The product is brought to market in the shortest possible time, which makes it more competitive and quickly pays for itself. The quick launch ensures that the product is up-to-date and relevant to the market. There is no fear that the initial concept will become obsolete during development. This is a valuable advantage for startups.
  2. The application runs with high performance and provides maximum comfort for users. Improved behavioral factors have a positive impact on conversion rates.
  3. The application can be scaled as the business grows. Node JS provides ample opportunities to expand the application by adding functionality or upgrading tools with minimal labor and financial investment. If a company grows, evolves, or even changes the original business model, Node JS is flexible in responding to any transformation.
  4. You can launch a project with minimal effort to organize the server infrastructure.
  5. Node JS applications are quality and reliable. Working with ready, tested, and fine-tuned solutions from the libraries, the programmer is free to generate ideas, focusing on the quality and content of the finished product rather than performing time-consuming machine operations.
  6. Backend and frontend development can be performed by a single full-stack developer, eliminating the risk of inconsistencies and uncoordinated solutions. The efficiency of development increases, which is an undeniable advantage for the customer.

NodeJS will make your web application fast, easy and productive. Using JavaScript in the server and client parts will speed up development and guarantee scalability and easy project support. Collaboration applications, chat and voting, information portals, and more run stably and efficiently on Node.js. If you want to create a complex, high-loaded application working with large amounts of data in real-time and expand its capabilities without loss of performance - Node.js is for you.

MaybeWorks expertise in NodeJS

A web application built with Node.js will be light, efficient, and not demanding on resources. Its server part will be able to serve a huge number of requests with stable efficiency. And our last project proves this.

Our developers are working on the SaaS recruiting platform. They develop the backend on NodeJS, NestJS, TypeScript, and MySQL, while the frontend is on React. Backend is a REST API that can serve thousands of clients simultaneously.

Their tasks are:

  • API development. The primary purposes of API are writing/reading database for frontend needs, designing tables and database structure, validating incoming data and transforming it into frontend/database required look, and working with loading and storing files. Developers also write tests.
  • Email handling. Developers currently implement the integration of Gmail-like email services. They must be able to access the mail and send emails using the backend.
  • Integration with Persia HR platform. Developers are working on transferring data from the Persia HR platform to the project`s database.
  • Scripts for the database. Our engineers develop scripts for creating test data and automatic backups with the possibility of viewing them by date. They also work on the ability to apply these scripts from files.

Our IT Staff Augmentation model allows you to easily integrate experienced developers into your team as if they work at your side. Feel free to contact us to discuss your future projects on NodeJS.



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MaybeWorks is an IT staff augmentation provider, using Node.js as a primary development tool for over 5 years. Having started our way 10+ years ago, we have focused on NodeJS as a web app development tool. Our area of expertise is defined by web development, and we work with upscale techs to build powerful apps that allow enormous flexibility, stability, and long-term support. In this article, we are going to share our Node.js expertise with you and show why NodeJS development is worth your attention.

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