Why is the NestJS framework a great option for web development?

Nov 09, 2022

Web development is a dynamically changing field: its technologies get outdated, and new ones replace them. Our developers constantly look for up-to-date technologies to cover all our clients` needs.

This is the case with Nest.js. MaybeWorks team turned its attention to NestJS because it ideally takes care of the most challenging backend architecture components and allows us to build scalable web products. In this article, we want to share our NestJS expertise with you and tell you 3 reasons to choose Nest.js for your web development project.

What is NestJS?

NestJS is a modern and rapidly developing backend framework based on the Node.js environment. Node.js allows developers to create full-fledged web applications and build scalable network servers. In 2009 Ryan Dahl presented Node at the annual conference JSConf. Even then, it was clear that technology had a great future. Node was the first established environment for running JavaScript code on a server. The technology offered asynchronous query processing, and thus provided faster, smoother applications. Programmers could develop parallel multithreaded services and work with shared memory with Node.

NestJS grew out of another popular framework - Express.js. Angular also influenced its development. It is suitable for creating efficient and easily scalable server-side web applications. NestJS uses static typing based on TypeScript, which provides reliability and readability of the code. In comparison, PHP is a dynamically and statically (7.4.0 version) typed language. It allows only data description through PHPDoc, dramatically improving code readability, but it still does not contain all the descriptive features of TypeScript.

3 reasons to choose Nest.js for your web development project

Node.js is a software platform for developing fast and scalable web applications, the client and server parts of which are written in JavaScript. Node.js uses the V8 engine from Google and transforms JavaScript code into binary code that can run in the browser and applications on a PC or mobile OS.

In practice, Node.js is used as a web server because of its event-driven model and non-blocking I/O architecture. These fundamental capabilities require higher-level add-ons like the Nest.JS framework to use in the project. The framework aims to make development easier, faster, and more structured. For Node.js, there are more than two dozen popular frameworks based on the "standard" Express.JS (like Nest.JS). The main advantage of Nest.JS compared to the basic platform is a clear architecture consisting of three components: controllers, modules, and providers. It makes it easy to divide an application into microservices from the beginning of development and work on each separately, connecting it into a single system.

Below are 3 reasons to choose Nest.js for your web development project:

      Versatility and extensibility. Nest.js gives developers maximum freedom in using additional modules. It provides a high level of abstraction, which allows developers to use APIs of other frameworks, libraries, and other things, assembling a unique server application of any type from modules. Nest.js is open source and has almost unlimited scalability. It already has integration of Caching, Mongoose, GraphQL, WebSockets, and many other technologies.
      A solid foundation and the best of the new frameworks. Nest.js is built on the principles of Express, and any add-on for this framework can be used in Nest as well. Developers can also forget this feature if they don't need these modules. Nest.js is an out-of-the-box MVC application framework written in TypeScript that supports JavaScript and many solutions for them. That said, it's not limited to standard features and allows developers to plug in all the most current JavaScript solutions. In addition, applications in Nest.js are straightforward to test because, with all the variety of features, the system forces developers to use a rigorous architecture, as in Angular. Developers do not face a huge waste of resources to scale the application when needed because each microservice can be finalized separately without stopping the entire system.
      Prospects. NestJS is the framework with the fastest growth in popularity among those developed for NodeJS on TypeScript. Developers like it for the ability to create applications with unusual features and implement original ideas. Many modules and example solutions have already been written for it, which are publicly available and can be useful in the project. This adaptive ecosystem and scalability are why you may choose Nest for your project, especially if it is a startup or an application with non-standard business logic.

We think NestJS will very soon become the new Node.js development standard. It is a flexible, scalable, productive yet structured, lightweight, and robust framework. This combination of qualities and the ability to create unique applications by combining microservices with various features makes it a great solution for startups and server-side applications of all sizes.

Examples of using Node.js and NestJS in web development

Node.js is used by corporations such as Netflix, Uber, Yahoo, PayPal, eBay, Trello, Twitter, Groupon, LinkedIn, and even NASA. According to Stack Overflow, Node.js is the most popular technology. In 2021, it held 50.4% of the market.

The portal nodejs.org provided a detailed report on the use of the environment. According to its data, switching to Node.js:

  • Increases developer productivity by 68%
  • Reduces development costs by 56%
  • Increase application performance by 48%

An example of successful migration is Netflix. The streaming service began gaining popularity in 2015, and then the backend was created in Java. The growing number of users required the service's development, but the backend's development began to lag behind the front end. Because of this, Netflix content and data loading became noticeably slower. Then the creators of the service decided to switch to Node.js. As a result, the gap between the backend and frontend was eliminated thanks to a common JavaScript language. The interface load time was reduced by 70%. Now, the service launches in one second. Today Netflix is the world leader in streaming movies and shows.

NestJS has also earned the trust of customers. NestJS is a framework for building Node.js server-side applications. It is a simple environment with a clear architecture and broad capabilities, the number of users of which has been growing steadily since its release. Such companies as Adidas, Decathlon, Societe Generale, Autodesk, and Roche develop services using the NestJS framework.

MaybeWorks expertise in Node.js and NestJS development

Nest.JS is built to develop demanding and non-standard web apps, it contains everything developers need out of the box to get the project up and running but also supports the integration of Express.JS, TypeScript and JavaScript libraries and modules, and much more. With it, developers get all the performance of Node.js and access to the most innovative technologies for the application.

MaybeWorks IT staff augmentation provider has a modern tool at its disposal. Node.js and NestJS allow MaybeWorks developers to develop interesting projects and implement original, non-standard features. And even with complex logic, the reliability and performance of the application will not be at risk.

The previous case where we assisted with NestJS expertise was a virtual video chat. An easily extensible modular backend was required. The client chose ReactJS + NestJS + Firebase + Twilio API for that and augmented his team with MaybeWorks developers. Backend developed by our experts was responsible for creating 3D rooms and their configuration, as well as collecting analytics on the rooms and users in the rooms.

MaybeWorks developers integrated the backend with Firebase real-time database for the data that needed to be constantly updated. We also used the PostgreSQL database for persistent data. And the available API was documented with Swagger, which integrates perfectly into the NestJS ecosystem.

We assisted in developing many complex custom web applications on Node.JS + NestJS. Feel free to contact us to discuss your web development assistance.



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