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The Concept
Millions of people are in need of a roadside assistance in the UK every year. They face technical problems starting from a flat tire and up to a number of mechanical problems every day but they barely can deal with it on their own. Finding a good and reliable company takes too long and you never know who is a guy you can rely on. BreakDownHero goes above and beyond - it allows anybody to call out a professional technician fast. Technicians are reliable, well-trained and reviewed by a number of recent customers.
The Objective
The comprehensive mobile app should consist of multiple complex features which we were to implement. As a company of great developers we were hired to create custom interactive maps, realize a pixel-perfect design for major mobile platforms, create the whole payment process and were on duty for custom visualization of a vast amount of data.
The Outcome
The outcome of our work was fully satisfying. The application was built using SDK Ionic. AngularJS was used to develop control panel as well as Twitter Bootstrap CSS-framework. While creating maps we did Google Maps Integration, also using Leaflet. Besides that we integrated Stripe and have built the payment process which works fast and well. D3.js library was in use to manage the data visualization.

The application is currently joining Workplace by Facebook and it's future seems to be bright.

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